Android app development

Many-many years ago I've tasted Android app development as well. One of my apps for internal use, I created that ...
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Otthon automatizálás

Home automation

In the last couple of years I started to deal with home automation and supervision, primarily with solutions driven by ...
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Plazmavágó vezérlő

Industrial automation

I've developed the software for a metal processing machine, which performs all the necessary tasks: acquiring data for job runs, ...
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Ul-Fi logo

Ulfi-Bus Protocol

Ulfi-Bus is a field-bus protocol for connecting home, office or industrial devices, providing easy address configuration even on very constrained ...
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Kutatók Éjszakája 2017

Robotic car

I'm transforming an RC car to a mobil robot and document the steps (in a knowledge sharing manner) on a ...
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LED világítás

LED lighting

I've tried myself on the field of designing and building LED lighting solutions, too. I've gained experience to build nice ...
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Képernyőmentés Rábacsécsény weboldaláról


I've built and running the web page of my childhood village since 2009 as a volunteer work ...
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Linux Commander képernyőkép

Linux Commander

Linux Commander was my first open source project, back in my university years, that's why I list it here ...
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Teszt Megoldó Rendszer képernyőkép

Test Conducting System

My first project as a business has been back in 2002 and I designed and built it during the summer ...
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