Welcome to my technical perspective introductory site!

Hi, my name is Szilárd Greszler, engineer in computer sciences, also having a strong interest in electronics. I’ve been dealing with microcontrollers and digital circuits for more than 20 years – however with shorter-longer pauses – on hobby level. As a job I work on reliable, high availability telecom systems, for more than 10 years, being in a customer focused technical position and solving special problems for telecommunication companies on six continents in the last couple of years. During my work occasionally I do smaller web and mobile application development tasks as well. In the last 5 years I’ve opened towards Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and started to actively deal with robotics (undertaking a STEM educational mission besides my self-development for the latter).

Besides having a job at Ericsson Hungary, I’m building my startup venture, Liminal Technology.
I’m happy to jump into projects in the area of automation, remote control or supervision, either in home or industrial environments. I feel the best challenge for me to develop solutions for individual needs. Feel free to contact me in case you feel I can help you either with a consultation or designing/building a solution.

Szilárd Greszler